We suggest a minimum overall event budget of $25,000 for a simple elopement. Photography alone starts at $7,500 USD.

Our planning/experience means handing Untraditional Weddings creative control of your wedding. Please don't inquire if you want a normal planning experience or aren't flexible with the outcome.

To begin the experience or to gather more information, please use our contact form and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

Thank you for filling out our form! We will get back to you toot sweet with some good info!


Yes, you can learn more by reading everything on the experience page or setting up a call to chat more with Dallin, the founder of Untraditional Weddings.

Can I learn more?

Yes, you can 100% hire us just for photography! If you know exactly what you want and have your own vision of your wedding day, you can hire us for just photography.

Can I hire you just for photography?

Yes of course! It is your wedding and we try to accommodate  your wishes and desires. However, this isn't traditional planning where we go back and forth and bring your exact vision to life. We try to craft something we know you will love based on the questionnaire we send over after booking.

Do I have any say in my wedding?

We only accept clients who fully understand and are okay with giving us full creative control over your wedding. Clients who understand they want something amazing but don't know how to plan that themselves and are flexible with the outcome. 

What clients do you accept?

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